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Ects Credits, calculator - How, eCTS Credits

For students wanting to start their own business we also have kick, the KU Leuven community that encourages students with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. How can we convert our grade to ects? For questions, please contact the HSE Department). Mathematical and Statistical Techniques - Research skills. Recognises the social and ethical aspects of management and can reflect critically on them. KU Leuven uses an online application system. Thus, companies need managers who combine a detailed knowledge of business, entrepreneurial skills and a solid understanding of innovation and technology.

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You are set for a promising (international) career thanks to your current economic insights, your management capabilities and your language skills. How do you calculate ects? The evaluations arrange from. That will be your total ects in the subject. Individual approach with sufficient support : Besides different guidance formulas to maximize your chances of success, you can count on individual guidance.

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Structure, key features of our Bachelor of Business Administration programme are: Management of Business Domains, economic Analysis and International Orientation, entrepreneurship and innovation Professional skills and Employability. Our bachelors program is designed to give you the interdisciplinary, high-level education which you need to meet these new challenges at the interface of management and technology. What does 180 ects credits mean? Use our German Grade Calculator to easily calculate the German Grade equivalent to your Score. (Click Here gO TO TOP). Visit the prospective students website for more information. Know more about ects. . You will take part in education that is practice-oriented and will build skills that will come in handy in a professional context (regarding communication, leadership, independence, and teamwork). How to convert degree grade to German Grade? Is able to function as a team member in various roles.

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Tuition fee, please consult the website for the most recent information: /tuitionfees. In particular, the student is able to use quantitative models to analyse and solve organisational and management problems in a defined context. Use our ects Calculator to calculate the European credits equivalent to your native credits. This framework permits the local and international grades to be utilized interchangeably. Tamk at (Tampere University of Applied Sciences). This simple ects Calculator helps students transfer their native credit hours to the European System. Displays management skills and entrepreneurship, focusing on operational problem solving. Please also let us know if you spot any mistakes on our site.

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Application deadline for (for non-EEA citizens) (for EEA citizens). Has knowledge of and understands the theories and models of economic sciences and uses them to analyze organisational and management problems, also in an international context. Covid-19 policy: the programme is only offered on campus. More useful information about the programme for is available here as from October 2020. You will meet and work closely with students from other cultures and e diversity of our programme is impressive: roughly 70 nationalities are represented in the BBA programme. Although many Bachelor of Business Administration graduates go on to graduate-level studies, your Bachelors degree certainly has value in its own right in today's job market. For more information about traineeships, we refer to the following site: traineeship. Can formulate (under supervision) a research question related to organisational and management-related topics and use appropriate research methods critically to solve a problem. Displays an inquisitive attitude: accuracy, critical reflection, scientific curiousness, justification of choices made. How many ects is a masters degree?

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Moreover, ects is created to encourage students in their studies and move credits from one college to the next by giving due acknowledgment to the study received there. Has insight into his or her own competencies and motives, takes a pro-active attitude towards his or her own development and can reflect critically on their own behaviour. More information on the double degree programme can be found on this website. If you wish to get a reply, remember to include your email address in your feedback message. More information on the various international experiences the faculty has to offer can be found on this website. The ects isnt to be utilized exclusively, Or maybe as a decision to interpret grades of one institution to another.

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The HSE-file will be used for traineeships and/or masters theses. Masters degree generally has 60 ects for 1 year, and 120 ects for 2 years. Start your career, during your studies During your studies you have the opportunity to tailor your own graduation profile: take part in a foreign experience or complete an internship, choose a specialisation or even set up your own company Whichever. This programme offers you a scientific foundation that will help you to think critically and in a problem-solving way. Is able to communicate correctly, fluently and clearly in writing and orally in the language of instruction of the program and additionally in two other languages if the language of instruction is not English. The risks and preventive measures are collected in the HSE-file for students.

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