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Die menschliche Entwicklung ist somit ein Prozess, der zwischen Stufen, Krisen und dem neuen Gleichgewicht wechselt, um immer reifere Stadien zu erreichen. A list title in a section heading provides a direct edit point, if one enables section editing. Either wikitext markup is functionality-limited and easily broken. The items on these lists include links to articles in a particular subject area and may include additional information about the listed items. Gngige formale Anforderungen sind: ein Umfang von 60120 Seiten, Format A4, gebundene Form, Paginierung, Literaturverzeichnis, Inhaltsverzeichnis sowie eine, versicherung an Eides statt, die besagt, dass man die Arbeit selbst und mit Kenntlichmachung der verwendeten. When using a more complex form of organization, (by origin, by use, by type, etc. Die dritte Entwicklung ist eine umweltbedingte Entwicklung, indem sich nmlich die Mutter scheinbar von dem Kind abwendet und sich anderen Beschftigungen zuwendet. Use an unordered list by default edit Use a bulleted (unordered) list by default, especially for long lists.

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Das Kontrollieren des Stuhlganges ist fr das Kind ein bedeutsamer Schritt in Richtung Autonomie. Html formatting can be used to create rich lists, including items with internal paragraph breaks; some basics are illustrated below. 72 8 erikson, Identitt,. More accessible indentation templates can be used,.g. The title and bullet style, or vertical style, is common for stand-alone lists. When wikimarkup colons are used just for visual indentation, they too are rendered in html as description lists, but without ;-delimited terms to which the :-indented material applies, nor with the list start and end tags, which produces broken markup (see WP:Manual. followed by the article's subject,.g., List of vegetable oils.

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This introductory material should make clear the scope of the list. Some feel the optimum number of links to lists that should be included at the end of any given article is zero, one, or two. They are different from disambiguation pages in that they are full-fledged articles meant to document multiple subjects, while disambiguation pages are for navigation purposes only. Do not add both expand list AND a variation to any list. Edits of uncertain quality can be first discussed on the talk page for feedback from other editors.

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Examples would include lists organized chronologically, grouped by theme, or annotated lists. Ensure that list items have the same importance to the subject as would be required for the item to be included in the text of the article, according to Wikipedia policies and guidelines (including WP:Trivia sections ). More impressive than its height is the building's design, by William Van Alen. Other cases edit Experienced editors can use raw html to achieve more complex results, such as ordered lists using indexes other than numbers, and ordered lists not starting from. Simple bulleted lists are created by starting a line with * and adding the text of a list item, one item per * line. There is some controversy over how many links to articles and links to lists that should be put in any article. Good example Wikitext html Appearance Title of list * Example 1 * Example 2 * Example 3 h2 span class"mw-headline" id"Title_of_list" Title of list /span /h2 ul li Example 1 /li li Example 2 /li li Example. Die, magisterarbeit ist eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit, die fr den Abschluss eines. Bad example Wikitext html Appearance Title of list * Example 1 * Example 2 * Example 3 h2 span class"mw-headline" id"Title_of_list" Title of list /span /h2 ul li Example 1 /li /ul ul li Example.

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Because they correspond to sections in the rest of the article below the list). Example of the difference between prose and a list Prose List with no content The 20th-century architecture of New York City includes numerous icons of architecture, most notably its striking skyscrapers. Description (definition, association) lists edit Further information: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Glossaries A description list contains groups of ". Prefer using full sentences, and avoid mixing sentences and fragments as items in the same list. Note : When floating images to the left of a list, use the flowlist template to prevent disrupting the indentation of the bullet-points. In5 or one of its variants for one line, and block indent for more than one line (even if misuse of description list markup on talk pages is too ingrained to change at this point). Die soziale Bezugsperson ist die Mutter, die durch das Reichen der Brust dem Kind nicht nur seine elementaren Grundbedrfnisse, wie Essen und Trinken stillt, sondern ihm somit auch eine orale Befriedigung verschafft. This guideline explains when and how to use lists appropriately. When an item meets the requirements of the Verifiability policy, readers of the list can check an item's reference to see that the information comes from a reliable source.

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A list of any type may be dynamic. When elements contain (or are) titles of works or other proper names, these retain their original capitalization, regardless how the rest of the list is formatted. Magister Artium verliehen (kurz.A.) Er wird in Deutschland traditionell nach dem. From "List of Presidents of Elbonia" to "President of Elbonia#List of Elbonian Presidents put list categories on the "List"-named redirect instead. The city's striking skyline has been composed of numerous and varied skyscrapers, many of which are icons of 20th-century architecture. References and external links edit Reference lists show information sources outside of Wikipedia. An alternative method is to thread different points of view into running prose.

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Specialized types of lists include: Outlines a Wikipedia outline is a hierarchically arranged list of topics belonging to a given subject. Blank lines between items of a numbered list will not only cause the same broken-list problems as in bulleted lists, but will also restart the numbering at "1". See Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists  Chronological ordering. (For full details on the problems with colon-delimited list markup, see WP:Manual of Style/Glossaries/DD bug test cases.). Items may be given with initial lowercase or in sentence case. Wikitext html Appearance Title of list Plainlist * Example 1 * Example 2 * Example 3 h2 span class"mw-headline" id"Title_of_list" Title of list /span /h2 div class"plainlist" ul li Example 1 /li li Example 2 /li. Dies bedeutet ebenso eine nderung der Anforderungen an die Abschlussarbeiten. Only one of expand list or its variations should be added, unless the topic is significantly related to more than one of the subcategories. Content should be sourced where it appears, and provide inline citations if it contains any of the four kinds of material absolutely required to have citations.

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Bullets are used to discern, at a glance, the individual items in a list, usually when each item in the list is a simple word, phrase or single line of text, for which numeric ordering is not appropriate, or lists. Tables require a more-complex notation, and should be scrutinized for their accessibility. Many stub articles can be improved by converting unnecessary lists into encyclopedic prose. 76 12 erikson, Identitt,.76 13 vgl. Either way, make sure to add them to the main article if they are not already there. Note that the word "famous" is considered an unnecessary "peacock" embellishment and should not be used. List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach#Listing Bach's compositions ). Use a sort key to sort alphabetically by topic. In this case, indenting the paragraphs in list form may make them easier to read, especially if the paragraphs are very short.

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"Hier bildet sich die Grundlage des Identittsgefhls, das spter zu dem komplexen Gefhl wird, in Ordnung zu sein, man selbst zu sein "7. Stand-alone list articles edit, main page: Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists, see also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists of works, list articles are encyclopedia pages consisting of a lead section followed by a list (which may or may not be divided by headings). The list title should not be misleading and should normally not include abbreviations. A benefit of Flatlist is that it can be wrapped around an already-existing bullet list. As with unordered (bulleted) and ordered (numbered) lists, items in description lists should not have blank lines between them, as it causes each entry to be its own bogus "list" in the output, obviating the point of putting. As a general rule, the "See also" section should not repeat links that appear in the article's body. For example, list of Indian language poets should link to both list of Indians and list of poets. Typical uses are in infobox fields, and to replace pseudo-lists of lines separated with br /.

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Especially do not leave blank lines between items in a list, since this causes the MediaWiki software to misinterpret each item as beginning a new list. In particular, pro and con lists can fragment the presentation of facts, create a binary structure where a more nuanced treatment of the spectrum of facts is preferable, encourage oversimplification, and require readers to jump back and forth between the two sides of the list. Die Reinlichkeitserziehung zu streng und zu frh durchgefhrt wird. If a list entry logically belongs in two or more categories (e.g., an Australian in an Argentine prison for drug trafficking this suggests that the list categorization might be flawed, and should be re-examined. Order of battle a representation of armed force components that shows the hierarchical organization and command structure. They are included in the text-proper or appended, and may be in table format.

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Consideration may be given to collapsing tables which consolidate information covered in the prose. Lowercase is best reserved for: lists introduced by a sentence fragment, with a short list of items, also fragments, continuing the extended sentence; glossary entries, where it is important to convey whether something is usually capitalized or not; lists. If there is a redirect for the list (e.g. The resulting layout and html are identical to that generated by the single-line syntax. This adversely affects accessibility (screen readers will tell the visually impaired user there are multiple lists 1 and interferes with machine-parseability of the content for reuse. 1 erikson, Jugend,.94 2 vgl. Use a # symbol at the start of a line to generate a numbered list item (excepted as detailed in this section, this works the same as * for bulleted lists, above). Alle existieren am Anfang in irgendeiner Form."1.

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