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or additional paragraphs into a list item.) Avoid misuse of list markup in articles for visual styling of non-list material. Such "children" logically qualify for indentation beneath their parent description. Instead, the lead makes clear whether the list is complete or whether it is limited to widely-known or notable members (i.e., those that merit articles). It is typical (e.g., in university logic texts) to distinguish a number of different kinds and techniques of definition, including dictionary or lexical definition, intensional definition, extensional definition, ostensive definition, stipulative definition, operational definition, theoretical definition, persuasive definition, and definition by genus and difference. Satzteil oder, satz, dem man eine Anmerkung geben will, stellt man eine meist hochgestellte, zahl (Anmerkungsziffer).

Lists of works include bibliographies and discographies. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte und Anzeigen zu personalisieren, Funktionen fr soziale Medien anbieten zu knnen und die Zugriffe auf unsere Website zu analysieren. In5 or one of its variants for one line, and block indent for more than one line (even if misuse of description list markup on talk pages is too ingrained to change at this point). Layout aus dem, flietext ausgelagert wird, um den Text flssig lesbar zu gestalten. Timelines and chronologies can be a useful supplement to prose descriptions of real-world histories. Some information, such as "Notable people" or "Alumni which may be read for context or scanned for content, may be formatted with a section lead and a descriptive, bulleted list, or as prose, depending on size. Unless there is a good reason to use different list types in the same page, consistency throughout an article is also desirable.

A feature of Hlist is that, for a short list, it can be put on a single line. Introductory material should also avoid self-referencing Wikipedia. Sie sind vom vorangehenden Text durch mindestens eine Leerzeile und den Funotenstrich (Grundstrich) abzugrenzen. For details, see  Bulleted and numbered lists, above. In: Zur neueren und neuesten Litteraturgeschichte. Unbulleted lists edit For lists of up to thirty items (may increase later) without bullets, use a Plainlist or Unbulleted list template. At the beginning of the 20th century, New York City was a center for the Beaux-Arts architectural movement, attracting the talents of such great architects as Stanford White and Carrere and Hastings. There is some controversy over how many links to articles and links to lists that should be put in any article.

Reaching consensus on the talk page before editing the list itself not only saves time in the long run, but also helps make sure that each item on the list is well referenced and that the list. Otherwise, bizarre results are achieved. This cannot be fixed without complex markup (defeating ease-of-editing expectations so double-spacing should always be avoided in numbered lists. Anmerkungsapparat, Funotenapparat oder auch wissenschaftlichen Apparat, im Gegensatz zum eigentlichen Text, der. Additionally, an overly precise list title can be less useful and can make the list difficult to find; the precise inclusion criteria for the list should be spelled out in the lead section (see below not the title. See Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists  Chronological ordering.

Auflage 2006, Abschnitt Textverarbeitung und E-Mails, Seiten 108/109) ausgefhrt: Als Funoten- und Anmerkungszeichen sind heute fast nur noch hochgestellte Ziffern ohne Klammern blich. Auch bei der Formatierung solltest du dich zurckhalten und von bermiger Verwendung von Fettdruck, Kursivierung, Unterstreichung etc. Images and lists edit A (good) File:gthumbCaption text * Example 1 * Example 2 * Example 3 * Example 4 B (bad) * Example 1 * Example 2 File:gthumbCaption text * Example 3 * Example 4 C (good). Lists may be found within the body of a prose article, in appendices such as a "Publications" or "Works" section, or as a stand-alone article. When deciding what articles and lists of articles to append to any given entry, it is useful to try to put yourself inside the mind of readers: Ask yourself where would a reader likely want to go after reading the article. This guideline explains when and how to use lists appropriately. 253347 ( Textarchiv Internet Archive ). Medical condition is a broad term that includes all diseases and disorders, but can also include injuries and normal health situations, such as pregnancy, that might affect a person's health, benefit from medical assistance, or have implications for medical treatments.

Schritt fr Schritt wissenschaftliches Schreiben lernen ( UTB. Purposes of lists edit Further information: Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists  Selection criteria Lists have three main purposes: Information edit The list may be a valuable information source. A list of any type may be dynamic. These Wikipedia articles follow the. Order of battle a representation of armed force components that shows the hierarchical organization and command structure. Anthony Grafton : Die tragischen Ursprnge der deutschen Funote. When elements contain (or are) titles of works or other proper names, these retain their original capitalization, regardless how the rest of the list is formatted.

Wiktionary: Funote Bedeutungserklrungen, Wortherkunft, Synonyme, bersetzungen Wolfgang Beinert : Funote Funotenzeichen. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschriften Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Renommierte Wissenschaftsverlage wie Springer und Thieme platzieren in ihren Zeitschriften die Quellenangaben nicht als Funoten, sondern ans Artikelende. In lists that involve living persons, the Biographies of living persons policy applies. Pro and con lists can encapsulate or bracket neutrality problems in an article by creating separate spaces in which different points of view can be expressed. Lists and their supporting material must be neutral. Users with a specific research goal, described in one or two words, are likely to find Wikipedia's search box useful. The description list was called a definition list in html4 and an association list in early html5. Bibliographies are a list of relevant references for a subject area, including books, journal articles, and web articles; discographies are a listing of all recordings on which a musician or singer features, or may be compiled based on genre. Name 1 This is the value associated with the first term and may be quite long, but must be one unbroken line in the source.

A benefit of Flatlist is that it can be wrapped around an already-existing bullet list. In: Critical Inquiry 32 (Winter 2006. Wikipedia uses several standard appendices, usually in list format, as well as navigational templates. (For full details on the problems with colon-delimited list markup, see WP:Manual of Style/Glossaries/DD bug test cases.). Consider whether prose is more appropriate.

Some feel the optimum number of links to lists that should be included at the end of any given article is zero, one, or two. If a list entry logically belongs in two or more categories (e.g., an Australian in an Argentine prison for drug trafficking this suggests that the list categorization might be flawed, and should be re-examined. Chronological lists, such as timelines, should be in earliest-to-latest chronological order. Wikitext Appearance ol type"a" li this /li li list /li li uses /li li letters /li li as /li li indexes /li /ol this list uses letters as indexes ol start"10" li this /li. Simply present what the various sources say, giving each side its due weight through coverage balanced according to the prominence of each viewpoint in the published, reliable sources. Articles are intended to consist primarily of prose, though they may contain some lists. Steht diese Stelle auf derselben Seite wie der Text mit der Anmerkungsziffer, dann spricht man von Funoten; bei einem Verweis auf Stellen am Ende eines Kapitels oder des gesamten Werkes spricht man von. Die Gesamtheit der Fu- oder Endnoten eines Werkes bezeichnet man als.

Stevens, Jay Williams: The Footnote, in Theory. Hierbei musst du aber unbedingt auf die Qualitt und Auflsung der Grafik achten, denn ein pixeliges Logo ist allemal schlechter, als ganz auf ein Logo zu verzichten. Stand-alone lists otherwise complementary to a topic should not content fork that topic. The Woolworth Building, a neo-Gothic "Cathedral of Commerce" overlooking City Hall, was designed by Cass Gilbert. They are different from disambiguation pages in that they are full-fledged articles meant to document multiple subjects, while disambiguation pages are for navigation purposes only. Lowercase is best reserved for: lists introduced by a sentence fragment, with a short list of items, also fragments, continuing the extended sentence; glossary entries, where it is important to convey whether something is usually capitalized or not; lists. Lists should never contain "Unsorted" or "Miscellaneous" headings, as all items worthy of inclusion in the list can be sorted by some criteria, although it is entirely possible that the formatting of the list would need to be revamped to include all appropriate items.

Use sentence case by default for list items, whether they are complete sentences or not. List of 1 items: Example 3, list end." Improper formatting can more than triple the length of time it takes to read the list. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopdie, zur Navigation springen, zur Suche springen. Stand-alone list articles edit, main page: Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists, see also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists of works, list articles are encyclopedia pages consisting of a lead section followed by a list (which may or may not be divided by headings). List items should be formatted consistently. New York's new skyscrapers included the Flatiron Building (1902 where Fifth Avenue crosses Broadway at Madison Square ; Cass Gilbert 's Woolworth Building (1913 a neo-Gothic "Cathedral of Commerce" overlooking City Hall; the Chrysler Building (1929. They are not appropriate for large paragraphs. Guideline on when and how to use lists appropriately. We have to try to put ourselves in the readers' frame of mind and ask "Where will I likely want to go after reading this article?". This introductory material should make clear the scope of the list.

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